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Unlock Your Greatest Potential

Counselling and Coaching 
with Riani Dreyer

Meet Riani

Author, Professional Counsellor-Teacher, Certified Career Coach, Specializing in Bio-Psycho-Socio-Spiritual Health.

Integrative Counselling, Coaching and Teaching that facilitates change biologically, psychologically, socially and spiritually.

Focusing on 7 areas of excellence

- Spiritual
- Personal
- Family
- Financial
- Occupational
- Organizational
- Team

Within 3 levels of existence: internal, external and eternal. 

We have the passion, innovation, competency and skills that'll help you unlock your greatest potential.

If not now, then when!


A Glimpse of What We Offer

Career Exploration

Resume and Cover Letter Review

Interview Preparation

Job Search Strategies

Personalized Career Plan

Ready to take the next step in becoming who you were created to be? Book a consultation today.

“Riani’s story, although unique in many ways, has parts that all of us can relate to. The biggest difference I’ve seen is that, unlike many people, Riani has cultivated a way to heal, fight, grow, expand, and to create the future she’s longed for. Rather than looking to blame, accuse, or justify, she has learned how to leverage all the unspeakable bad and turn it into unimaginable good. Through her willingness to serve and give to others, she has turned ashes into beauty.”

- David Waldy

  Fierce Empathy Coach

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