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My Story

Riani Dreyer is a wife and a mom first but, she is also a recovering Smiling Puppet, Author, Certified Career Direct Consultant, Counsellor, and Bible teacher, passionate about helping and developing people from all walks and spheres of life, through content, courses, counselling,  and coaching, that provide personalised, integrative, holistic solutions and support for their bio-psycho-social and spiritual well-being. 

Some of her current personal goals include but are not limited to owning a blue French bulldog, becoming a Lifeway writer, loving God, loving others, and connecting with and journeying alongside those God has called her to serve.

For Riani, greatness is serving. She is passionate about the potential of mankind and truly believes that a cup of coffee shared between two souls with courageous compassion and fierce empathy can change everything. Because “Real” is rare, Riani set out on a mission to become a trendsetter in the arenas of empowering others to embrace their own rarity to discover what only they possess, their true worth, purpose, and place in this world.

She slaved within the secular world of Financial Administration and Management and made a significant impact within several different corporate circles for ±22 years, until the fear of failure and disappointing others started to dissipate behind the fear of dying of boredom born from having denied herself the permission to pursue her true passions since she was a little girl. During the months of October 2022 to January 2023 she finally decided to follow the whisper in her heart pulling her towards a life of liberty, freedom, and true fulfilment.

Now, she expectantly hopes and envisions that her story will not just be a survival guide for others who feel stuck, unworthy or held captive by the people in their lives, their circumstances or their own fears and destructive beliefs and habits, but a thriving testimony of how living a life filled with faith, love, unspeakable joy, hope, and contentment is not just a fairytale but real, true, and attainable for all who would dare to accept her challenge of embracing change and stepping out into the unknown to become who they were created to be, living a life that surpasses even their greatest expectations.

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