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Who is pulling the strings in your life?


For Riani Dreyer, a born and bred small town country girl most of her life has been spent hanging on by a thread. That was until she dared to fight back - tugging, and pulling, endlessly trying to escape the cords of years of sexual, psychological, social, and spiritual abuse inflicted on her body, mind, and spirit by the Puppet Masters in her life.


Countless people and evil forces had lined up to pull the strings in her life and forced her to play, for their entertainment and dark desires. They had tugged her every limb, thought, and heartache for performances that pleased them. All she could do was hang on for dear life and breathe through it, and she did, until…


she felt the cords snap, her legs cave in beneath her, eyes fill with tears, yet still she smiled in fear of disappointing her masters. Finally, she heard a voice shout, “Enough! You’re free. It’s time to get up, follow me!”


This book is a riveting must-read for anyone who has ever felt powerless to the puppet masters in their life who made it their mission to abuse, use or control them for personal pleasure, purposes, or benefit. It’s time to remove the masks, cut the cords and break free my friend!


Dreyer hopes her story, The Smiling Puppet and step-by-step guide, based on her personal journey from captivity to liberty reaches out to others and empowers them to want to break free too! She achieved that goal and found her life’s purpose in coming alongside others as they journey towards becoming who they were created to be & break free from being the puppet they were deceived into playing. 


There’s a difference between telling the story and BEING in the story.” – Riani Dreyer


The book started of as a whisper in the ear of a teenage girl but evolved into a pilgrimage towards discovering purpose, significance, and the power of taking back control through the process of choosing change.


Change is not a linear journey. No. Change is at its lowest level of efficacy a mixture of the uncomfortable, unexpected, imperfect, immature, sometimes boring, seemingly mundane, and at its highest levels of efficacy it is a struggle to try and manage our own proportions and distortions of unplanned chaos. Even so, for the rare few, ‘change’ becomes something so inexplicably beautiful that the only way to express it, is to share the gift of it, and that, is what this book, The Smiling Puppet is all about, sharing the secrets of struggle towards REAL change.


It’s your turn, to remove the masks, cut the cords, and break free. 


It’s your time to stop faking it and become all you were created to be. 


If not now, then when?


What others have to say;



My friend, this book is a true gift. For you and for me.  It will bless you.  If you let it.” 



A brilliant book, that sets the scene for making a significant life change and then gives reliable and applicable examples.  It’s a thought-provoking read that will leave you energised.” 


Discover the SECRETS to BECOMING the REAL you and LIVING a BLESSED life TODAY!

The Smiling Puppet -BOOK (Paperback)

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  • Unfortunately the SPECIAL EDITION is available to South African Residence only ! ! !

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